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Friday, September 30, 2016

Waiting Room

Whats on my mind?
 Well, its been in MY plans to sell my house and move...we are often told "If you want to change your life, its up to you...", or something along those lines. But, its isn't up to me. God orders our steps and what I WANT and what He wants for me may be 2 totally different things.

I had my house up for sale for a year...yes, 12 whole months. And not one offer. Showings yes, but there was always something they didn't like. I love my house. I just don't love the location of this city. I don't love my job, I don't love being here without family close by....why then is God keeping me here? Its not for me to question Him. What I need to do is TRUST Him.

I TRUST that God has a perfect plan for my life. I TRUST that He has greater things in store for me than my mind can conceive. What I thought would be good for me may not be. I'm still going to try to sell my house - its too much for me to maintain while working 2 jobs. But, when that house sells is in Gods timing. When he allows me to do something different than I'm doing is in God's timing.

So, what do I do now?
I wait.
With bated breathe.
Hopeful for whats to come.
Excited to see what God is up to.

Do you live your life this way?  Or do you live disappointed and discouraged thinking God has forgotten you?  Do you live wishing for more?  Maybe what you have is all God knows you can handle right now.   

One thing I do know is this - God loves me with an everlasting love.  Nothing I do today will make him love me less than He loves me right now.  He wants to bless my life and give me good things.  He wants to give me the desires of my heart. But, what if the waiting is meant to get the right desires into my heart?  

What do you do while waiting on God?  Do you question Him?  Do you try to go over his head and make things happen on your own?  Or do you take this time of waiting to know Him better?  To spend time with Him and know His heart?  I know I am trying to use this time to know Him better.  To Trust Him more.  If we always got what we wanted, we wouldn't need Him so much would we?

Wait.  Trust.  Know that He is good.  

Tell me, what are you waiting for?  To know Him more is my greatest desire.

Wounded or Mended

Matthew West has a song on the radio called "Mended".

I've listened to that song multiple times...then one day I LISTENED to the words.

Then I wrote the words down in my journal.  I realized that the song is sang from God's perspective.  It was HIM singing to me about what I see versus what He sees.

How many times have we sinned and then thought God couldn't possibly love us anymore?
How many times has bad things happened in your life and you wonder if God is even there?
How many times have you thought NOTHING good can come of this?

We all go thru hard times in life.  Sometimes those trials are short but sometimes they can go on for months or years.  In the midst of them we can't see the good that can come from them, the way our lives and our hearts are being changed.  We only see how broken we feel.  But, as the picture above depicts, God holds our broken hearts in His hand and begins the process of repair as we begin to seek Him.

Parent lose children - broken
Divorce happens - broken
Job loss - broken
Damaged Relationship - broken
Homeless - broken
Missed Opportunity - broken 
Shattered dream - broken

None of us are immune to being disappointed and broken in life.  That is what sin has done.  The sins of our fathers, our sin.  We feel we are unworthy of Gods love because of what we've done.  We feel worthless, undeserving of God's love - but that is where mercy comes in.

Jesus died a thiefs death on a cross meant for us.  Let that sink in.  This perfect sinless man died a horrific death so that we can live.  Yet we live as if we are unworthy.  He took what we deserve and mercy flowed over us.  When you make a mistake, when you heart is broken from loss, sickness, disappointment and pain, look up and see what He did - hanging on the cross for you.

When you see broken beyond repair
I see healing beyond belief
when you see too far gone
I see one step away from home
you see nothing but damaged good
I see something good in the making
when you see wounded, I see mended....

I'm attaching the song so you can hear it - READ the words and let them sink in.  I can't listen without tears filling my eyes.  Hear JESUS singing this song to you - listen to the words as they come from the Father's lips to your ears and heart.