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Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall and Faith


Its a beautiful time of year.

Leaves start changing color.  The winds blow in cool and crisp.  The days are shorter and the nights are longer.  The animals are preparing for a long winter ahead by storing up food for the winter months.

Fall is also the sign of an end. 

The end of summer and long hot days.  The end of all things living and green.  Its a sign that its time for some things to die and slip into hibernation in order to prepare for the new life that will begin again in the spring.

Our faith can be very much like fall.  We have sailed through a bright and sunny season in our lives when the winds of change roll in.  The breeze picks up and the winds of change start to howl and the leaves of our dying faith start to fall.  We've had a fun and easy time and we haven't built up our faith.  We haven't had to exercise it because life has been good.  What do we do when the storms of life roll in?  How do we get ready for the darkness that is about to descend, before the cold winds howl around us and the doubt and fear begins to blind our eyes?

We must store up for those days by reading and studying Gods word.  Like the squirrels that scurry around picking up all the acorns that have fallen from the trees, we must take the bits and pieces of God's word that we have heard and store them up in our hearts so that when the storms come, we have the nourishment we need to sustain us.

How do we keep from getting discouraged when we can't see whats in front of us?  Read Gods word.  Store it up in your heart and your mind so when you can't see whats next, you can rely on the one who knows it all.  

 God already knows whats ahead.  He wants us to trust Him with the next step, the next day, the next week, the next season.   If we try to get thru on our own power, we will become disoriented in the storm and end up walking down the wrong path.  We will become lost and unable to find our way out.  But, if we build up our faith by reading Gods word, and praying for His guidance, He will lead us to the other side.

After fall comes the cold long days of winter.  We snuggle in, we try to stay warm, we probably eat too much comfort food, and we expectantly for longer days and warmer breezes.  This is how we build our faith.  We snuggle in, we grab our Bibles, we load up on His comfort, and we expectantly wait for the sunnier days and the end of our present struggle.  But does it end there?  No, just as there are 4 seasons in nature, we also have seasons in our faith walk.  We must ride the wave of each season with the same expectation we do when fall comes and winter hits.  We store up Gods word in our hearts so that when the winds blow in, when the doubts and fear howl around us, we have nourishment to get us through. 

Fall, its my favorite time of year.  What will you store up for the long winter ahead?